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Torchwood Crack!ed Up

Torchwood has finally fallen off the wall!

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Torchwood crack! stories
This community is for anyone to post crack! stories about Torchwood or Doctor Who.

The definition of a crack! story is this:

It needs to be funny.

See? Not that hard.

Very simple rules:

1. Please post anything longer than 150 words behind a cut

2. Any photos, please behind a cut

3. Every post must be Torchwood or Doctor Who related

4. Posts allowed are: fics, fan art, queries, fan vids anything really

5. Post not allowed: Posts that are made specifically to hurt someone (if this happens you will be evicted from the community)

6. ALL spoilers wether for past episodes or upcoming MUST be posted under a cut. Remember! Some countries are behind!

Here at Torchwood Crack!ed Up we are very lenient and all for the humour so start writing!

If you need anything at all please contact me (Kally) at stopwatch_happy@hotmail.com